Bali: Padang Bai, Tanjung Jepun & Blue Lagoon

Last week, I had the opportunities to go to Bali for a conference with my graduate program classmate. On Saturday we had a free time and decided to enjoy one of Bali tourism spot, Padang Bai. Padang Bai is an area which have a ferry port connecting Bali and Lombok located in Manggis, Karang Asem. However we’re not going to Lombok this time, yet we went for snorkeling in Blue Lagoon.

We rent an Avanza Veloz, the automatic transmission one and directly drove to Padang Bai from our hotel in Sanur area. In Bali, you could rent a car with a driver or not and this time, we rent only the car which cost us 300K IDR for 24 hours. We drove there with the help of Waze – a navigation app that very useful if you want to travel by yourself. It took us about 1.5 hours to arrived in Padang Bai.

At the entrance of the parking area, you need to pay the retribution fee for 5K IDR, and they will ask what the purpose of your trip. If you said you wanted to do a snorkeling like us, they propose you to rent a boat and explain that you need it, which so much real. They also will help to direct you to one of the services. Don’t forget to bargain when they offer you how much it cost for a person and if you are a local, you could negotiate more. We paid 175K IDR per person for a private boat that will bring you to Tanjung Jepun and Blue Lagoon. It includes a snorkel, a pair of fins, and fish food. Quite okay for the package because usually, you need to pay 75K IDR to rent snorkel and fin for a day.

If you need to change your cloth, you could use the facilities at Padang Bai Beach Inn 1 & Cafe. They also provide an open shower in front of the swimming pool which you could use if you buy a drink or snacks at the cafe. However, some local had a business to provide you with a public bathroom, but I’m not too sure about the water flow and cleanest of it. That’s why we decided to used the PadangBai Beach Inn facilities. After we changed our clothes, we ride on the boat and set to the Tanjung Jepun as our first stop. Took us about 10-15 mins to the site. While waiting you could take picture of the scene or selfie with your group like i did. 
Arrived at Tanjung Jepun, I jump directly into the water. If you spread bread crumbs the fish will gather around you and it will be best moment to take a picture. If not you could just see the coral reefs which is not to deep, but be careful with your foot if you’re not wearing fins. For a beginner I think this one of the best spot for snorkeling. You could practice without afraid being afraid of the waves or if you really could not swim, you could just get a personal trainner, who will drag you along while spreading the bread crumbs for 150K IDR. He will bring you to the best spot for snorkeling.

The second stop is Blue Lagoon. Comparing to Tanjung Jepun, it is not so beautiful because most of the coral reefs had been damage and the fish is smaller with fewer varieties. However, you could access Blue Lagoon directly by swimming from the Bloo Lagoon Hotel shore. If you had finished playing in the Blue Lagoon, the boat will direct you back to the Padang Bai shore and ends your journey. Overall the trip will take about 2 hours max and another hour for you to clean up yourself. For us, we started around 8.30 a.m and finished around 11 a.m that day. After we clean up, we drove back to the city to have lunch and gelato while waiting for our flight back to Jakarta.

Here are things that we did afterwards:

  1. Lunch at Nasi Pedas Bu Andhika, Kuta Area
  2. Bought Pia Legong and Pie Susu Enaak at Souvernir Shop infront Joger Pabrik Kata-Kata
  3. Had gelato at Gusto’s Gelato
  4. Dinner at Burger’s King Ngu Rah Rai Airport

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