Solo: Keraton Surakarta & Culinary Trip

Solo-Jogja was a long postponed trip I had with my highschool besties after we had one 2.5 years before. So here we are reunited but not in complete group to explore Java. 

Solo becoming our first destination as one of my friend have family who lives there. So lucky that they lend us a car with a driver to have culinary trip and some city exploration before we continue our journey to Jogjakarta. 

We took flight from Jakarta-Solo on Saturday morning using LionAir. The flight took about 1 hours and 20 minutes with no meal. Arrived in Solo, we had our late breakfast at Soto Gading. One portion cost about 13-20K IDR if I’m not wrong. You could order with the rice split or mixed inside the soup. For the drink, mostly all the restaurant in Java serve Beras Kencur. 

After we had finished our food we went to my friend uncle’s factory of fashion industry. The factory is very big and they have a private hair salon inside. We were amazed with the salon by the way, not because the factory itself. 

Didn’t know what to di next, I suggest we go to the Keraton Surakarta. We didn’t expect the Keraton was that big and there is a museum inside you could explore. The entrance ticket is 10K IDR. 

Having a big tummy, we feels hungry after exploring the Keraton and the driver took us to the Timlo Sastro to had lunch. For the dessert we went to Pasar Gedhe Solo to have an Es Dawet. I also bought Karak – local crackers – only for 10K IDR per pack. Can’t buy many things because I’ll be going home using train the next day. 

As my friend want to buy batik for her husband, we went to Pasar Grosir Solo. It was a four storey building which sell batik   The batik was so cheap compare to the one we had in Jakarta. I don’t know the quality yet but too bad the models is not that chic for my style. I got 2 shirts for my brother which cost me for 125K IDR. We also went to Pusat Oleh-Oleh Shop in Solo. A one stop shopping to buy batik, souvenirs, etc. 

We spent the rest of the day in my friend family’s factory outlet and gelato. Inside the factory outlet, you could find more fashionable batik and rejected branded clothes from Zara to H&M there. We also managed to have dessert and snacks before dinner at LaModa del Gelato. My most favourite flavor of the gelato is the orange kind of taste which I forget what it called and the smoked beef quiche tas so delicious. 

For dinner and or last meal in Solo we decided to eat Nasi Liwet. Nasi Liwet in Solo was so different conpare to the one in Bandung or Jakarta. The taste is so yummy and the price is so cheap. While you eating you might see a woman wearing a tradional siden cloth sang Bengawan Solo. It was an interesting things to see even for a local tourist like me. 


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