Pahawang: an escape destination in the weekend 

If you happened to live in Jakarta and wanted to have some vitamin sea, Pahawang might be one of your choice. I had mine last month. It was a short refreshing things after your busy days.

Me and my girls decided to joined an open trip from @indonesiajuaratrip for 3D2N trip. Not really a 3 days and 2 nights in my opinion since you need to spent one night at the ferry to Lampung. The meeting point is at Port of Merak. To go there, you could took a bus from the nearest bus station, as Kali Deres or Kampung Rambutan Terminal bus. As both was not so nearly for us, me and my friend decided to take the bus along the way such as infront of Slipi Jaya or Kebon Jeruk Highway exit point. It cost you about 25-30K IDR depending in the bus. I suggest you take the Patra Jasa since it was cheaper and nicer compare to the bus I took which I don’t remember the name was. 

The ride took about 3 hours since the bus stop at several point to drop and pick passengers. That day, we ride the bus around 07.00 p.m and arrived on Merak Port at 10.00 p.m. The meeting point for our group was at Dunkin Donuts, so there we were, filled out stomach before we get on the ferry. The ferry to Lampung sails every hour. Since there are some peoples from other group was late, we took the 01.00 a.m ferry. The ticket is 15K IDR per person for economy non air con seat one. If you sit inside the VIP room, you need to pay extra 10K IDR. 

We arrived at Bakauheni Port around 04.00 p.m and took a ride on a travel car to Ketapang Port. It’s about 2 hour drive to arrived at our destination. We had breakfast in one of the stall near the port before we set on the speed boat. 

Our first stop was the cottage. It only had two rooms, we split it into the girls room and the boys. Inside the room there is only 10 beds with one aircon. There are 27 persons (18 girls and 9 boys) on our group with 1 tour leader. Too much to handle in my opinion. As there some conflicts regarding who to sleep and where to sleep later that night. But the problems solve by itself later that day. 

We did snorkeling on Pulau Tanjung Putus and Rumah Nemo which for the first time I find the joy of using fins. The snorkeling spot is one of the kind, where you could saw many underwater statement such as “Pulau Pahawang” etc. The fishs and the corals quite diverse but too bad it was not as beautiful as last year I believe. 

We had lunch at Tanjung Putus on the boat. After you finished, you will be given some times to explore the Island. As we were a bit tired, we only explore a little bit and took photos near the beach. 

At Pulau Pahawang Kecil we drink coconut. While we were drink the rain start pouring and we decided to go back to the boat. We head back to the cottage before the sunset. We did some clean up and ate the most delicious warming food of the trip – Indomie telor (10K IDR). Later we had seafood dinner before we sleep with the other 14 people of our group. 

The next morning, we were too lazy to snorkeling any more. We went to Pulau Kelagian Kecil, took a group photo, shot Bomerang and had another Indomie before we had back to Ketapang Port and end our trip. 

Afterall, Pahawang was an entertaining short escape for me. But it took too many hours for a short time in beach. I want to explore Lampung city more as there are many culinary foods you could try as my friend say. So next time I want to go there again and to Kiluan Island to see some dolphins


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