Bandung: Lereng Anteng

We could said Bandung as an one stop shopping for short gateway. Culinary. Shopping. Nature. They have the complete package to enjoy. 

As my class was ended early today,  we took it as a chance to visit Lereng Anteng Panoramic Coffee for lunch. Located in Punclut area, you could see the city view while sipping your cup of coffee or enjoying a piece of pisang goreng. 

We arrived at 02.00 p.m. Parked our car and on the site, there are three restaurants. Lereng Anteng might be the best choice if you on budget but wanted to enjoy this hits area. The most favourable dishes is Nasi Goreng LA (20K IDR) – which I had. For the drink I ordered Taro (18K IDR).  However, my favourite dish is Tongseng (38K IDR). They also serve snacks such as cireng, pisang goreng, and batagor. 

For the area, the restaurant divided into three area. The outdoor, semi-outdoor, and indoor. The outdoor and semi-outdoor is the best place to take pictures or selfie. The trademark of Lereng Anteng might be the outdoor area, where you’ll be seated inside a clear tent. It was so attractive but when you tried to site inside it, you might fell hot. Luckily we decided to seat inside on the second floor to ourself. 

Overall I will rate:

  • Foods and drink (5/5)
  • View and location (4/5)
  • Services & cleaness (4/5)

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