Jakarta: the steak hotel by Holycow! 

Holycow reataurant has been all time favourite for my family. We loved how the serve the steak as the trademark menu. This time we tried the new opening site located at Neo Soho Centra Park Mall. 

The restaurant has two storey which was a new concept for us. We sat at a table near the window, where you could see the night view of Jakarta city. They served my type of beef from wagyu as their recommendation, australian beef, japanesse beef and etc. For someone who love big portion as my brother, you could order the Holycow! Steak, which served 400 gram for the steak. 

When your order your steak, you could choose how do you like your steak cooked. Rare-medium-well done. Me? I love the medium-well style. For the side dishes, you could choose either french fries or mash potatoes and for the veggies, spinach or snaps. 

You might spent 150-200K IDR per person depending of the steak menu you choose.


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