Kei Island: Ohoiew Island Resort

Whenever I have a chance to visited an Island with a resort in it, I never wanna missed it. Earlier this year, I and my friend visit Kei Island, Ambon to explore its beauty. The island totally amazing, I cannot complain much despite the bugs and lack of mobile phone frequencies in some area. Well then, that the challenging part of an island trip isn’t it?



When you visited Kei, you might try to stay in Ohoiew Island Resort, near Ngilngof Village, Kei Kecil, Southeast Maluku. The resort located on a small private island, which took about 5-10 minutes ride.

The beach with dangled like a tongue along nearly 1 kilometer with a width ranging from 5-15 meters and snaked depending on the direction of the wind.


While you were staying there, you might prefer the instagramable room in the attic, with shared bathroom. For us, we took the left house which has two rooms with bathroom inside and a living room. All the rooms equipped with air condition.


Some things that you could do in the resort are exploring the island by walking into the woods at the back of the resort to enjoy the sunset. Star gazing on the gazebo. Sipping a glass of wine inside the wine cellar. Or you could just enjoy the beach and took much much pictures as you like.


Ohoiew Island, Ngilngof Village, Kei Kecil – Southeast Maluku, Maluku

Patris | +62 85254303031


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